Letter from the Editor

InRecovery Shirt

We’d like to personally thank all the contributors we’ve had thus far along our journey at InRecovery. Although we’re obviously biased, InRecovery is a unique resource that adds a little flavor to the already greatest place to be in recovery … Continue reading



B.E.W.A.R.E of D.A.R.E.

Most of us remember being paraded through the D.A.R.E. program when we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed kids. We remember those suspiciously friendly police officers who, because of D.A.R.E.’s foresight, we were given the chance to see as actual people before … Continue reading


“AA’s not for everybody”… Okay, Now What?

The imbalance between the number of non-12 Step and 12-Step support options currently in the Twin Cities (and abroad) is beyond staggering — it’s ridiculous. AA alone has over 1500 meetings in any given week, compared to only a handful of non-12 Step options. We desperately need to create more non-12 Step support groups (and awareness) because people’s lives depend upon it. Continue reading


War on Stigma

Are the campaigns aimed at changing public perception about addiction oversimplifying a complex issue, and as a result, misinforming the public? Continue reading



When lying and recovery converge, a monster is born. Continue reading

Youth inRecovery


Taking the Leap: From High School to College

A young addict discusses his struggles with the transition from teen to young adult. Continue reading

Reader-Submitted Articles

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Cognitive Behavioral Education

Mark Scheeren, chairman and co-founder of St. Jude Retreats, discusses Cognitive Behavioral Education – an educational approach to overcoming alcohol and drugs. Continue reading


Recovery 101

A licensed addiction counselor stresses the powerful effect listening can have on one’s ability to recover from alcoholism — and when one stops kicking and fighting everyone and everything, things begin to change for better. Continue reading


Recovery Story: How I Won My Battle Against Depression

A married mother of two shows true grit through her battle with depression. Her resiliency and determination is inspiring to anyone who has been seriously debilitated by depression. Continue reading


Marijuana: A Benign, Non-addictive, Social, Recreational Pastime

The notion that marijuana is a harmless party drug is supported and perpetuated by a large population of users, abusers and generally uninformed people in denial of the long term affects of marijuana use. I speak from over thirty years … Continue reading


Anthony’s Story

Anthony shares his powerful story about his turbulent road to recovery, and the origin of his 12 After 12 support group. Continue reading


My Disease Just Wants To Party!

An alcoholic’s gradual realization that her drinking wasn’t as sexy or fun as she had pretended, and how she is learning to sometimes slow down in recovery. Continue reading


Shower the Sleep Off

A young woman learns to move on by confronting herself after living a life of avoiding her problems. Continue reading


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